Opening of a new production of two-component polyurethane resins

31 July2023

POLY-СM company (part of the Group of companies "OKS") has launched a new production of two-component polyurethane resins.

Alexander Soykin, the founder of the OKS Group of companies, and Sergey Lependin, the head of the chemical production development group, launched a new direction by cutting the symbolic red ribbon.

The latest high-quality equipment allows us to produce polyurethane resins with a wide range of consumer properties, with stable and predictable characteristics.


• The possibility of producing resin with a wide range of characteristics such as: yield loss time, free foaming factor, strength. We satisfy any customer's requirements!

• Two-component polyurethane resin POLY-CM, depending on the brand, can be used to fill voids, strengthen and seal the mountain massif.

• We produce two-component polyurethane resin using high-class expensive equipment that ensures high dosing accuracy during the preparation of resin components, purity and minimal contact of the resin components obtained with the environment, which allows us to obtain a resin with stable characteristics.

• POLY-СM has developed its own technology for the production of resin components, which allows to obtain a more durable polyurethane resin.